cinco de mayo!

There is one person in this world who loves holidays as much as I do, and that person is Whitney. Half birthdays? Check. Earth Day? You bet. Labor Day? Of course! So it should come as no surprise that early this morning I received a text from her saying "happy cinco!!" Naturally, this is one of my favorite holidays. Margaritas and Mexican food? Sign me up. 

For the past four years the Bakers, Bibers and Zellers, including many other of Zionsville's finest, could be found guzzling margs and cuttin' a rug at the annual Cinco De Mayo party. Unfortunately this year since everyone is spread throughout the country (or different countries, as in the case of Sam and my parents), we have to forgo our yearly soiree. This isn't going to prevent me from celebrating, though! 

In college, my roommates and I perfected and patented what we like to call our "skinny margs". These soon became a favorite at many gatherings, including Melchiors' family parties, where Carly is required to make at least two batches a party. While I can't provide you with an exact recipe for these tasty drinks, I can tell you the ingredients and how we like to make them. 

If you are making a pitcher to share, start by filling it about half way full with tequila. Next, add Sprite Zero (or regular Sprite if aspartame isn't your thing). Fill almost to the top. Stir in one packet of Crystal Light lemonade mix (side note: Be careful because this step will make your concoction fizzy...this is why I said don't fill the Sprite all the way to the top). I like to add lime juice to mine, but that is completely optional. That's it! Pretty easy, right? Of course it will take some practice before you find the perfect balance, so don't be discouraged. In my opinion, it's hard to go wrong when tequila is involved!

I will definitely be enjoying a skinny marg tonight, along with some chips and salsa (and queso!) How will you be celebrating this holiday?

happy cinco!

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